La Esperanza is on Gibbsboro Road—a vibrant pink house with blue trims that’s simply unmissable. Here’s how you can reach us:

La Esperanza
40 East Gibbsboro Rd Lindenwold, NJ 08021

Call Us: 856-782-7114

La Esperanza Restaurant is a family own and operated business.  We are proud to Bring you a taste of Mexican home cooked meals as well as other Latin American Specialties. It is our family’s First business venture and after years of hard work it is finally a reality and is why it bares the name of HOPE, LA ESPERANZA. 

Shortly after the first year anniversary La Esperanza has received an incredible positive feedback from our customers. La Esperanza was the proud winner of Philadelphia magazine’s Best of Philly – Mexican Restaurants 2003. Plus we have many positive reviews from other local newspapers. Make sure you read the News page to find out what the media is saying about THE MOST AUTHENTIC MEXICAN Restaurant in south Jersey.

A brief History of Time, The history of our Logo

Thank you for visiting La Esperanza Restaurant.  As a value customer and friend of the Family, we would like to tell you a bit more about ourselves, the Cordova Family.  We are a family own and operated establishment, and the name of our restaurant stands for HOPE (Esperanza).  Our name is strongly represented by the little house that you see in our menus as well as any other item that contains our name.  Why is representative of the Family?  Well At first glance the image was chosen with no particular intention.  However, it wasn’t until the restaurant was already open that a strong resembles was found with that of another house.  Below you’ll see our logo, beside it is the very first house own by our family.  It was recently taken in Mexico, it sits abandon on the side of a small mountain.  This is were the brothers and sisters took their first steps, learned, cry and played, more importantly, were our family began to have hope.  This is the same hope that continues to push us and which unexpectedly  showed it self upon another house. This same house which looked over us for so many years during our beginnings, now looks upon us once more, while we take our hope to a higher level.  It  this very same house which we will never forget.

This is La Familia Cordova the basis of our small Mexican Restaurant and we believe it is the reason why our restaurant is so great. Because la familia (family) is the base of society, a good family will make a good neighborhood and a good neighborhood makes a great nation.